Professional Supervision

I offer professional supervision for individuals and team workers in welfare organisations in private practice, and those requiring mentoring in their Accreditation processes.

My Approach

As mental health professionals we have a responsibility to ourselves, our clients and work colleagues to reflect on our practice. Professional supervision provides workers with an opportunity to reflect on practice. As workers we enter the lives of people who might be in distress, conflict, in struggles or trouble and to do this not only requires theoretical competence but also self-awareness. Reflective practice helps us develop theory to inform our practice but also aids awareness of ourselves personally and professionally.

Reflective practice ensures that our motivations and past experiences are used to enhance our practice and to help us recognise our impact on others. Reflection ensures confidence that our responses arise from the client’s/colleagues’ situation rather than our past or our needs. Applying a reflective approach with self-awareness is one of the key factors in preventing vicarious trauma.

In Supervision

In Supervision we can explore the learning process as the difference between:

  • knowing that – having facts and information
  • Knowing how – using facts and information

Reflective practice within supervision can offer us an approach towards learning which requires:

  • A curiosity – why did I wish I didn’t have to see that client yesterday? Etc.
  • Preparedness to question;
  • A willingness to explore alternatives.

As an AASW Accredited Mental Health Social Worker listed on the AASW Directory, I am committed to providing the highest quality professional supervision services to you. I provide services based on my own commitment to maintain self-awareness, reflective practice, and advance my ongoing professional development.

Individual Supervision

Individual supervision is offered within a safe, supportive and respectful environment that offers workers the capacity to be able to gain self-awareness and reflect on any aspect of their work, or issues which may be impacting on their work.

Some of the areas that can be covered during individual supervision include:

  • Self-care, burnout prevention, personal and psychological well-being;
  • Career direction – exploring strengths and weaknesses as a practitioner, identifying professional development avenues, training opportunities, etc.;
  • Identifying, exploring and strategising external and internal factors including structural/oppressive factors team issues and dynamics;
  • Client/case discussions including complex client issues;
  • Debriefing critical incidents.

Team Supervision

I provide external (onsite) professional supervision to mental health care teams of workers. I am able to provide this supervision onsite or at my clinic room.

The team supervision can be offered for:

  • Group discussions of clients whereby several team members may be involved in one case;
  • Skills based learning which may be similar to a training workshop;
  • Team building, planning and organisational strategies and functioning;
  • Self-care and burnout prevention;
  • Debriefing critical incidents.

I am also able to provide supervision via Skype, Zoom or phone.


As a professional and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), I adhere to the policies and Code of Ethics, and my services are provided with the strictest confidence and respect. Supervisees are required to sign a consent form which outlines the confidentiality policy, attendance, fees, etc.


The cost for a one hour individual professional supervision session is $165.00. Please be mindful of keeping your receipts as professional supervision is generally considered to be an expense which is considered a legitimate tax deduction.

Cost for team supervision is $200 per hour with a fee of $120 charged for travel time outside Metropolitan Brisbane.

Eftpos, credit card, Pay Pass and Direct Bank Debit are available. Invoices can be issued for Organisational payments, and if your organisation is paying for your external supervision.

Initial Contact

You are able to contact me:

  • directly by phone on 0403 848 398;
  • email
  • Online booking service via

Once you have made contact, I will send you some information via email which outlines professional supervision responsibilities, and relevant forms you can fill out online.


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